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We are delighted to welcome to the MainStreet team our new consultant, Anca Johnstone.

Anca has recently joined MainStreet Consulting from Coaching Direct. Having four degrees and speaking several languages, Anca has experience in a range of consultancy skills including organisational analysis, workshop facilitation, and stakeholder management. She is also very experienced in social media and the use of ICT for research, marketing and campaigning.

Anca also has a Master’s degree in Economic Development from the University of Glasgow, in which her dissertation examined the balance between economic benefits from commercial development and the environmental benefits from the protection of natural habitats.

A very outdoorsy type, she is an active member of the SGP and avidly promotes conservationism and animal welfare.

Anca is now happily taking on the challenges of working on client projects as well as supporting internal work at MainStreet. We know that Anca shares our commitment to helping community organisations in designing and delivering great public services, and we are confident that she will serve our clients with the same enthusiasm and passion as the rest of the team.

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