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There is an exciting move towards making people and communities integral to the process of designing and shaping new ways of delivering healthcare, based on what matters to them.

To that end, a Project Team – referred to as ”Stronger Voice” –  was formed to support the development of proposals ensuring that health services are co-produced with the communities they serve. The team were supported by a Reference Group with a broad span of membership.  Details can befound here .

To inform the proposals, The Scottish Health Council engaged with over 1,000 people across Scotland, including stakeholders in the NHS and local authorities, the public, the third sector, service users and local communities. Using a range of engagement mechanisms (including a literature review on behalf of the team) produced comprehensive information that helped shape the final proposal document and define a successful plan. The main themes resulting from public and stakeholder engagement have been published here.

Undoubtedly, great benefits will come from utilising people as assets in co-designing health and social care services, nationally and locally. A representative and inclusive public ‘voice’ will not go amiss.

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Anca Johnstone

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